1979 – December 5, 2020

Craig Froelich left this earth over the weekend. I needed a few days to find the right words to describe a human I have known since my childhood. I know that our time on this earth is short. However, our imprint we leave on the lives of others is ever-lasting. Craig was always kind to people, always looking out for his friends. At the end of the day, that is what measures a soul. – Jesse Ruggiere
My brother. Someone who I am proud to know and someone I loved very much. I will be sharing stories for as long as I am around. Most of them almost not even believable but all very true. We had the best times together. They are my happiest memories growing up. You were never afraid, to be honest about how you felt and I admired that about you. You have helped make me a stronger man and friend in so many ways. This is not goodbye. I love you brother. Stay cool kid. Rest In Peace Craig Froelich – Michael Grottano

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